Monday, April 16, 2007

What is Value Education?

We live our lives in five stages –
as a Student,
as an Employee,
as a Wife or Husband,
as a Parent and
as a Citizen.

But in all these five stages many of us encounter problems as under:

•As student, many lag behind in studies, fall in to bad company, get into substance abuse and go astray.
•Those who pass with colors also struggle to get employment and remain unemployed for long
•And in employment, one struggles to shine in career, carries stress home and affect family living
•Many marriages celebrated with excitement and beauty at huge expense turn sour and end in separation
•People in families suffer from varied illnesses and remain worried – sometimes even gripped with fear
•Citizens as a whole suffer a life of pollution, scarcity, unclean environment, corruption, etc.

We do not want any of these adversities happen either to our children or to ourselves. We all want to succeed in all the five spheres of life. But that can happen only when we get trained in Life Management skills as under:

Success as Student
1. Study skills to become good in studies and pass with distinction
2. Behavioral skills to become a person of good character and innate Goodness

Success in Employment
3. Skills for getting sure employment as soon as they leave college
4. Exposure to Employer Expectations in any office and on any job
5. Management Principles – What they teach in Management Institutes
6. Values and Attitudes needed for success in Employment

Success in Marriage
7. Marriage skills to have a smart and happy marriage – A Premarital Counseling
8. Emotional and Interpersonal competence to be a Quality Life Partner
9. Skills to resolve differences and disputes with Life Partner efficiently and peacefully

Success as Parent
10. Skills to make our children intelligent and well behaved
11. Skills in Health Management in self and in family and prevent illnesses

Success as Citizen
12. Skills for Enlightened Citizenship to make this Country a better place to live for all

It is very necessary every one of us acquires the above Life Saving Skills and develop required competency for handling the challenges and complexities of life and to succeed in a value based manner.

Keeping this in view this Value Education Program has been started.

Our aim is to prepare every one to avoid sorrows and failures in life.

Our courses fortify every one with capacities necessary for achievement in different spheres of living.